Cobra King Tec ONE Length Graphite Utility Irons

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Cobra's ONE Length range is ever-growing. The ingenious idea to have all the irons at a 7 iron length has caught on with a number of golfers. Helping to inspire confidence by applying consistency over the set, so that every club you pick up feels almost the same. The only thing being different should be the lofts. 

The new King Tec ONE Length utility iron is a fantastic looking iron that should help add more consistency to your game from off the tee as well as the fairway. The hollow construction maximises distance and control, making sure you can hit each shot to the best of your ability, wherever you play it from. 

The PWRSHELL Cup technology helps you to get the most out of the club in terms of ball speeds and launch. Whilst the AI-designed H.O.T Face adds to these ball speeds by optimising the spin across the face. The optimised face will help to make sure even poor strikes get as much distance as they can, reducing the number of times you see a drop off in speed. Another addition to ball speed is the hollow heads, which have been filled with a foam which again adds distance, but gives them an incredibly satisfying feel.

  • PWRSHELL Technology
  • Hollow Body Construction
  • Foam-Fill For Soft Feel
  • Optimised Spin
  • H.O.T Face Technology