Mizuno T24 Tour Raw Golf Wedge - Custom Only

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Mizuno T24 Tour Raw Golf Wedge

Mizuno's T24 Wedges, the latest in their esteemed line, continue the proud heritage of crafting exceptional wedges at their renowned Hiroshima, Japan facility, a tradition dating back to 1968. The new one-piece Grain Flow Forged HD Boron T24 Wedge remains true to this legacy, a cornerstone in the development of Mizuno's iconic irons throughout the years.

The precision of the Mizuno team shines through in their meticulous adjustments to the club's top line. They achieve this by blending a lower hosel and strategically trimming excess weight from the toe, resulting in a more streamlined profile while preserving the club's sweet spot. The addition of the QUADCUT + groove system with a tighter groove pattern significantly amplifies the wedge's spin capabilities. Mizuno's HydroFlow Micro Grooves, complemented by a laser-etched pattern, empower the wedge to generate maximum spin, even under damp conditions.

The standard wedge comes with the Dynamic Gold Tour issue shaft and Multi-Compound Black/Grey Grip; this wedge can be fully customised in the custom section.

5 New Grinds for Mizuno T24 Wedge:

  • S-Profile - High bounce with limited relief. For Full Shots
  • D-Profile - Mid bounce with moderate relief for gentle manipulation
  • C-Profile - Mid/High bounce with generous relief for a wide range of players/conditions
  • V-Profile - High bounce with aggressive relief for versatility and steeper attack angles
  • X-Profile - Low bounce with aggressive relief for versatility and shallow attack angles