Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges
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Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges

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Cleveland Golf
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Cleveland have produced their next generation of wedges, the RTX-4's, which supersedes their RTX-3 range. The grooves on the RTX-4's are sharper and deeper than their predecessors, that combined with laser and rotex milling, this allows the golfer to get more spin and control when the ball comes off the club face. 

The centre of gravity (CG) has been moved more centrally to where the ball strikes the club which offers better feel and consistency. The lower loft wedges are more compact with a straighter leading edge whilst the high lofts in the range have a more traditional look.

The wedges are available in 4 different grinds; Mid sole, full sole, low sole and X low sole.

The Mid Sole wedges are great 'all round' wedges which are ideal for those golfers who have a sharper angle of attack. The sole of the wedge, which is V shaped, cuts through the grass, gives stability on longer shots and keeps the leading edge of the wedge low to the ground when opening the clubface. These wedges come in loft options 46/48/50/52/54/56/58/60 degrees.

Full Sole wedges are great for shots out of the sand or in thick/heavy rough. It adds extra bounce when the club face is opened up. They are available in 56/58/60 degree loft.

The Low Sole wedges are ideal for those tricky feel shots around the green particularly when the conditions are dry and firm. The sole, which has low bounce, allows the golfer to open the face in those conditions to produce the shot required. Available in 56/58/60/62/64 degree loft.

Finally the Extra (X) low sole is designed with just 3 degree of bounce. The allows the skilled golfer to play the high tariff flop shot off tight and rock hard lies. This sole is available in loft options 58/60 degrees.

All of the wedges are available in three different finishes: Tour stain/black satin/tour raw and come with true temper dynamic gold tour issue S400 shafts and Golf pride tour velvet grips as standard.

Cleveland have catered for all with this highly impressive wedge collection. Improve your wedge play today.

  • Sharper/deeper grooves
  • CG moved more centrally
  • Available in 4 different grinds
  • Available in different loft options
  • True temper dynamic gold tour issue S400 shafts as standard (Stiff Flex)
  • Golf pride tour velvet grips as standard

RTX-4 Wedge Grinds

RTX-4 Wedge Groove Description

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