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With names like 2019 Open winner Shane Lowry, 2017 & 2018 U.S Open champion Brooks Koepka and 2021 Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama in their playing staff you know we are talking about a premium brand and company.

Stop chunking and thinning wedge shots and improve your short game right now. Cleveland has long been the go-to name in wedges for golfers all over the world. The performance, stylish looks, build quality and affordability are just a few reasons why golfers make this brand their #1 choice.

Golfers invariably play cavity back irons for that extra forgiveness, so it makes perfect sense why they choose cavity back wedges to carry on that forgiveness and confidence-inspiring playability. The all-new Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedges have been re-designed to put even more forgiveness in your short game without sacrificing workability in any way.

ZipCore is Cleveland's lightweight and low-density core that sits in the heart of the clubhead. With the optimal centre of gravity, and a high moment of inertia for incredible forgiveness on every shot. Vibration is also dampened with ZipCore technology. Gelback is a soft vibration absorbing TPU insert that gives the wedge its buttery feel at impact, especially on those hits out of the toe and heel that can sometimes be unforgiving. Strategically placed weight in the toe and a hollow chamber towards the heel provide a nicely balanced wedge that is forgiving when the ball isn't struck out the sweet spot.

Cleveland know a thing or two when it comes to groove design, the company have been designing innovative grooves for many years now. These new Ultizip grooves are sharper, deeper and closer together to give the perfect connection. These Ultizip grooves are also cleverly designed to channel away dirt to keep that spin at its optimal level. Two extra grooves are placed on the face for even more contact area. UltiZip grooves are 11% sharper, 7.3% deeper and 7.4% closer than any previous groove by Cleveland.

The new Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner graphite shaft is designed to enhance spin from the face. This graphite shaft in wedge flex has been expertly paired with The CBX ZipCore wedges. These wedges come with the Tour-proven Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips for great playability in all weather conditions.

Graphite shafts are lighter in construction, allowing faster swing speeds and ultimately greater distances. Especially beneficial for senior golfers or players that have lost a few yards for a number of reasons. These Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner graphite shafts also look epic in black with silver artwork, really making the wedge stand out and be noticed.

With either V, C or S-shaped soles to choose from, there is a wedge and loft for every style. The innovative dynamic sole changes from loft to loft, so you'll get the performance you need in every loft number. There is also a 44-degree V-shaped sole option, this is typically the loft of a pitching wedge in a full set of irons. If your pitching wedge is holding you back or you have limited confidence with it, you can now purchase the 44-degree wedge as an alternative.

Cleveland sole grinds explained:

V-Shaped – makes full swings and square-faced shots much easier by gliding over the turf without digging in, even when you hit behind the ball!

S-Shaped – Ideal for in the bunker or for open-faced shots. Its wide profile offers plenty of bounce.

C-Shaped – The C stands for Clutch. Shaped so you can open the face to any angle for those quick up and down shots around the green.

CBX – Forgiveness built-in.

  • Cavity back forgiveness.
  • Hollow cavity design.
  • Gelback vibration-absorbing TPU insert.
  • Butter smooth contact feel.
  • Lightweight, low-density core.
  • Highly versatile.
  • New UltiZip grooves.
  • Dynamic sole grinds.
  • 44º/46º/48º/50º/52º V-Shape sole.
  • 54º/56º S-Shape sole.
  • 58º/60º C-Shape sole.
  • Wedge flex shafts.
  • Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner graphite shaft.
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip in black/white. 

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Cleveland ZipCore Graphite Wedge Specifications

Head Material:Stainless Steel
Shaft Type:Graphite
Sole:Multiple Loft & Bounce Options Available
Groove Type:Tour Zip Laser Milled UltiZip Grooves
Warranty:1 Year
Product Code:112150