Callaway Limited Edition Mack Daddy 4 Tactical Wedge
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Callaway Limited Edition Mack Daddy 4 Tactical Wedge

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The Mack Daddy 4 (MD4) limited edition 'Tactical' wedge from Callaway has been introduced with a US military theme. This limited edition Callaway wedge has a special, distinctive green coloured head with a black PVD face. It still maintains all of the features of the MD4.

The grooves on the wedge are saw cut and then precision milled to the highest specification. This allows Callaway to get as close as is possible to the tolerance limits set by the golfing authorities. This is combined with the new micro positive protrusions between each groove on the club face which gives grip and imparts maximum spin when the ball strikes the club face. Callaway have added a further 'nip it' groove which is closer to the leading each of the club, they say that this increases spin particularly on shorter shots into the green. Testing revealed that the MD4 wedge generated more spin than any other wedges.

The design of the MD4 is more compact than its predecessor the MD3, being slightly more offset with a straighter leading edge and tighter leading edge radius which makes to so much easier to make a good contact on those tight lies when the sun has baked the fairways.

This limited edition wedge has 2 different grind options available. The S grind benefits from a medium width sole which allows the golfer to open the face without adding to the 10 degree of bounce. This is a good 'all rounder' particularly with the lower loft options. The X grind has a narrower, 12 degree bounce crescent shaped sole. This works especially well when the course is soft and the golfer has a steep angle of attack in their golf swing.

Each MD4 'tactical' limited edition wedge is fitted with a black/green dynamic gold tour issue 115 shaft and a black/green Lamkin UTX grip.

Loft options available in the S grind sole is 50/52/54/56/58/60 degree, whilst the X grind is only available in 58/60 degree.

  • Limited edition
  • Saw cut grooves/micro positive protrusions
  • Greater spin
  • Available in different loft options.