Titleist CB 718 Golf Irons

Titleist CB 718 Golf Irons
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  • £889.00

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Titleist CB 718 Golf Irons with full custom fit options: Titleist unveils the new CB 718 Golf Irons, a set of cavity backed Irons crammed full of technology. This latest range builds on Titleist’s already Tour proven credentials and is now set to take golf courses by storm. Titleist has enhanced their classic unique styling to produce a set of irons that are a sleek design and offer unrivalled performance.

The CB 718s are a forgiving set of Irons that offer ultimate playability with enhanced control even on shots that are hit off centre. The CB 718s incorporate all the modern day technological advances available in cavity backed clubs. The Titleist CB 718 Irons have a more advanced design that produces perfect club and turf interaction, the leading edge slices and glides through the turf with ease and efficiency 

Minimum order of 6 irons to receive FREE PROV1 golf balls - Please do not add if less than 6 irons in your set.

The CB 718s are the essence of beauty when it comes to looks and design; these truly are a pleasing set of Irons with a compact head and a shimmering finish. The CB 718s are a forged set of Irons that give back Tour validated feel with incomparable control. The CB 718 rests behind the ball perfectly and promotes remarkable ball striking confidence at address. The CB 718 has a cavity back bladed styled head that has been engineered to enhance shot making consistency with outstanding forgiveness.

Titleist’s design and technology team have produced a set of Irons that improve trajectory/forgiveness and feel, the CB 718s redefine cavity backed Irons to offer you consistency on every shot time and time again.

  • Cavity Backed Irons.
  • Forged.
  • Tour Inspired Styling.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Tour Validated Feel.

Titleist 718 Irons Shaft Comparison