Titleist AP3 718 Golf Irons

Titleist AP3 718 Golf Irons

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Titleist AP3 718 Golf Irons with full custom fit options: Titleist unleashes the new AP3 718 Golf Irons, a set of Irons created to bridge the gap between the AP1 and AP2 718s. This new range from Titleist is the first of its kind the AP3 range as never been seen before and is now set to hit the courses like a whirlwind. Titleist has taken their classic unique styling to produce a set of irons that achieves the distance and power of the AP1 and the looks of the AP2.

The AP3 718 Irons push the limits of forgiveness and stability via the redistribution of the Tungsten weighting system, an amazing 1/3 of the head weight is Pure Tungsten. The Titleist AP3 718 Irons have a more a modern Tour inspired design similar to that of the AP2 Irons, the difference being the AP3 has been engineered from 17-4 steel. 

  • Please note - The maximum bend tolerance is 2 degrees total

The AP3 718s are an aesthetically pleasing set of Irons with a mid-sized head and a shimmering shiny finish. Titleist has incorporated Tungsten weighting into the 3 to 7 Irons which produces a Tour validated feel with unparalleled distance control. The AP3 718 sits nicely behind the ball and offers terrific confidence at address, The AP3 718 has a hollow bladed head that has been engineered with a progressive cavity behind the Titleist badge that changes as you go through the set, this helps with the forgiveness and distance gains.

Titleist’s design and technology team have managed to cross the divide between the AP1 and the AP2 to provide a set of irons that deliver distance and forgiveness all in one package.

  • Ultimate Players Irons.
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel.
  • Tour Inspired Styling.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Distance.

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