Titleist AP1 718 Golf Irons

Titleist AP1 718 Golf Irons
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  • £695.00

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Titleist AP1 718 Golf Irons with full custom options available: A progressive set of Irons that are set to be the ultimate game changer for anyone looking for improvement. Titleist has taken their classic looks and unique designs to provide a set of irons that not only achieves distance but also offers forgiveness and feel. The AP1 718s push the technology boundaries to the limits giving golfers the opportunity to play at their best with the best.

Minimum order of 6 irons to receive FREE PROV1 golf balls - Please do not add if less than 6 irons in your set.

Titleist believes that their design and technology team have afforded every opportunity to their customers when it comes to the AP1 718 to improve your game with the ultimate set of Irons at your disposal.

  • Game Improving.
  • Progressive Set.
  • High Launch.
  • Low Centre of Gravity.
  • Maximum Distance.
  • Custom fit options available.
  • Please note - The maximum bend tolerance is 2 degrees total
  • Stock Set: 5-PW+W (48 Degree).

The Titleist AP1 718 features a low centre of gravity which allows the ball to launch higher and land softer, this technology has been developed by ingeniously placing high-density tungsten weights in precise and strategic positions. Hollow bodied long irons and cavity-backed mid and short irons produce clubs that perform consistently across the set to provide longer carries with more forgiveness.

Titleist AP1 Distance

The AP1 718 uses a new thin fast face which has been engineered to generate greater ball speeds and maximise the MOI, creating distance and improving ball trajectory on off centre shots. During testing the AP1 718 delivered greater accuracy and more consistent ball grouping than other well-known manufacturers.

Titleist 718 AP1 Launch Technology

Titleist AP1 718 Iron Shaft Comparison