Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putters
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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putters

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putters: Scotty Cameron presents the new SELECT Fastback, this newly designed putter incorporates Scotty Cameron’s latest expertise and advanced technology, building on the previous success of the SELECT range Scotty Cameron have made modifications to the SIGHT, SOUND and SOLE.

SIGHT: Working with vision, sight and the visual looks designers have focused on perfecting the view at address, rounding the radiuses, sharpening the necklines and refining all the edges and angles.

SOUND: Targeting enhanced acoustics, the designers have been able to achieve better sound off the putter face by approximately 30%; this was achieved by modification of the dampening materials that have an effect on vibration when the face inlays are combined with the putter bodies.

SOLE: The new Select models have a 4-way balanced sole design, this takes account of the individual balance points of each Putter in the range, this includes shaft positions, grips etc, the newly designed balance system delivers a faultless address position with natural alignment.

The Fastback has a dependable Mallet design with an admired head style and shape, the Fastback features a Tour Preferred appearance and the SELECT triple S technology (sight/sound/sole) this delivers an optimised putting device that delivers feel and confidence.

Multi-material technology delivers unparalleled performance and beautifies the sleek styling, Fastback putters produce a soft and solid feel off the face and the heel and toe balance promotes a smooth putting motion.

Fastback Putters have a flowing single bend neckline and come with a Matador Select Black grip, this Tour Proven grip promotes player feedback and has a soft feel.

  • Triple S Technology.
  • Multi-material.
  • Flowing Single Bend Neckline.
  • Matador Select Black Grip.
  • Three length Options.