SIK DW Standard Golf Putters

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The SIK DW Standard putter offers the best of both worlds, the looks of a traditional Anser style blade putter with the forgiveness and high MOI (moment of inertia) as a mallet-style putter. The DW gives double the width at the address position which will appeal to a wide range of golfers. Looks and confidence go a long way when your standing over a pressure putt, make sure it's a SIK putter to give you that extra edge on the greens.

SIK Golf (Study In Kinematics) has patented descending loft technology. Descending Loft Technology is not only unique but makes a whole lot of sense in simple, uncomplicated terms. Each face has four flat surfaces that are milled into the putter face and each plane descends in loft by 1º from the top edge of the putter to the bottom of the face. ( 1º - 2º – 3º - 4º Four different degrees in total) No golfer can match the shaft angle from address position to impact at a consistent rate, this leads to inconsistent launch angles, ultimately leading to poor distance control. Wherever you hit the ball on the face, the Descending Loft Technology will find the ball's optimum roll every time. Neutralising inconsistent impact stroke after stroke. We've been crying out for this technology, and now it's here to purchase from Golfsupport.

The styling and aesthetics are amazing and very unique to SIK Golf, with the SIK script flowing at 45º across the base of the putter and the Pro, Kinematics and made in USA standing out in red lettering. The plumber's neck displays the single sightline on the back flange, whereas the slant neck features the single sightline on the top line. Both are finished in a desirable satin finish ( custom finishes are also available) and come with the chrome stepless shaft as standard (Other options available)

All putters are 100% CNC milled from 303 stainless steel bars, so every putter is exactly the same as the ones used on Tour. 'Change the way you roll' - Improve your putting and confidence to win matches and tournaments. A Putter that the company are proud of and you the customer will treasure and come to love.

Do you favour the plumbers neck or double bend hosel? Which design suits your game best. Here is the low down.

Traditional plumbers necks are extremely easy to line up with built-in offset to keep the hands ahead of the ball, giving a more forgiving stroke. The plumbers neck is well suited to a slight arc stroke (inside to inside) this neck is favoured by thousands of golf professionals all over the world.

Double bend gives a face balanced putter that is highly anti-twist and fantastic for keeping the head perfectly square at impact. This works great for straight back and through strokes. 


Please allow 3 to 4 weeks lead time on all SIK custom putter orders. Every putter is built to specification and then shipped inside this allotted time frame. Thank you for shopping with us, your custom is greatly appreciated. 

  • Descending Loft Technology.
  • CNC milled from 303 stainless steel.
  • Traditional blade style with wider profile.
  • Choice of neck designs.
  • Satin finish. (custom finishes available)
  • Available in lengths 31 to 36 Inches ( in 0.5 increments)
  • Chrome stepless shaft as standard (Other options available)
  • Premium double magnet headcover in a choice of colours. 
  • Right hand & left hand availability (custom only)

SIK commercial will give you an even greater understanding, find out for yourself now.

If armlock is more your style and you like the DW, then don't worry, we can offer the DW in an armlock style too, just click HERE to go that page!

SIK DW Standard Golf Putter Specifications 

Head Type:Blade
Face Type:Milled
Alignment:Single Sight line
Headcover Included:Yes
Warranty:1 Year