Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-Ball Ten Arm Lock Putters

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Arm Lock putters when they were first released were something so alien that it caused Golf to ban the act of "anchoring". Today, Arm Lock putters are becoming so much popular with the demand for putting brands out there to ensure they are releasing them. That is exactly why Odyssey has released an all-new Arm Lock Putter for their successful and most popular range of 2021, the Stroke Lab 2-Ball TEN Range.

The much longer shaft and the whole of seven degrees of loft added to allow the shaft to rest against the inside of the golfer's left arm without anchoring to your body, allowing for a smooth and easy action to perform.

Odyssey has enhanced The Ten shape for this model just like it has for the entire range, so don't worry about inconsistencies in the putter's performance from a model point of view., with features being specifically crafted to help you frame the ball at address with your intended line.

The sole of Odyssey's new Arm Lock putters has been designed with adjustable weight screws to allow for any adjustments you may want to add for an increased amount of control and stability for putting to suit every detail of how you need it to perform. Included are two 15 gram weight screws for this purpose.

Both hand options are currently available in 40” and 42”.

  • Arm Lock Specific Grip
  • Adjustable Weighting
  • Legendary Alignment and Shaping
  • Right Hand & Left Hand
  • Available in 40" & 42"