Odyssey Exo Putters  - 2018
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Odyssey Exo Putters - 2018

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Odyssey Putters
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Introducing the 2018 Odyssey Works Exo Range. A culmination of technology and craftsmanship to produce a putter line up like nothing seen before. Incorporating maximum forgiveness created by a multi-material construction, concentrating on weight towards the perimeter to provide increased MOI, ball speed and accuracy. The new Exo range also offers it's now legendary White Hot sound and feel, along with consistent accuracy and distance control from Microhinge.

The Exo putter range offers a choice of either face balanced (more face rotation) or toe hang (less face rotation) options. There are 6 models available; including the face balanced Exo Seven, Indianapolis and Rossie - Along with toe hang "S" (Slant Neck) versions, Exo Seven S, Indianapolis S and the Rossie S.

Odyssey have laid acclaim to us having ‘Never seen a putter like this before’. And they may just be right. As an industry leader in insert technology within the putting market, Odyssey have combined the legendary feel and sound of White Hot with their Microhinge technology to improve forward roll. This has been proven to help all levels of golfer with a more consistent accuracy and distance control on the greens.

The design throughout the brand new Exo range features a wonderful mix of on-trend red as well as traditional black, which make the visuals on this group of putters a real treat. 

Odyssey Exo Seven: The EXO Seven leads the iconic Seven putter head shape into the ultra-modern world of the brand new EXO technology. The multi-material design in this putter combines aluminium and premium milled stainless steel to create easy alignment features with high MOI stability. 

Odyssey Exo Indianapolis: This innovative multi-materials putter combines a premium stainless steel face, red aluminium sole and composite top, with Odyssey’s new ‘White Hot’ microhinge insert. The Indianapolis has been described by Odyssey as ‘The culmination of everything we know about putter design’. A statement like that is not to be taken lightly by the company which has brought more Tour wins than any other. 

Odyssey Exo Rossie: The EXO Rossie digs well deep into Odyssey’s endless treasure chest of legendary putter shapes to bring the classic mid-mallet design into the modern era. Like the others in this brilliant new range, the Rossie has been skim milled to soften the lines and refine the edges, giving the putter a beautifully premium look. 

The Exo S Range: The Seven S, Indianapolis S and Rossie S are also available as part of the range, which caters to the golfers who have an arc in their putting stroke. This range features a slant neck design which provides the user with a slight toe hang which will help bring the face back to square upon impact of the putt. The 'S' range feature a 'Slant Neck' design plus all the features of the standard Exo putters.