Limited Edition Cobra KING Supersport-35 Putter
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Limited Edition Cobra KING Supersport-35 Putter

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Cobra is going from strength to strength and continue to push the boundaries in every field possible with their forward-thinking philosophy. Two years in the making has yielded this incredible 3D Printed Supersport Putter. Reinvention plays a crucial part in innovation at Cobra, the 3D printed Supersport-35 putter is a revolutionary advancement in the way golf clubs are now made and designed from the drawing board up.

Cobra has collaborated with giants HP and Parmatech to produce a first of its kind putter using HP jet technology, the 3D metal printed body with a very intricate lattice structure to optimize weight distribution and provide the highest possible Moment of Inertia in a blade putter shape. The all new face design has been designed in partnership with SIK Golf, which utilises their patented descending loft technology to produce the most consistent and accurate roll and every putt made.

Cobra selected HP as its partner to pioneer 3D printing in golf due to the major advantages their metal jet technology had over traditional methods and other 3D methods. Cobra designers were able to easily and quickly duplicate prototypes to bring the product to the market much quicker than traditional manufacturing techniques and methods. Cobra and HP began working together in early 2019, and by early 2020 the team had developed a staggering 35 different designs over an 8 month period, showcasing just what is possible. The two brands are now working together on a strategic multi-year product roadmap to design and manufacture future golf equipment that will raise performance and golfer satisfaction to new levels. This is just the first steps into what promises to be a significant change in future Cobra golf club production. Cobra also has plans to launch two additional products in 2021 that feature 3D printing technology.

Cobra has always striven to provide high-performance golf products that exceed the expectations of golfers everywhere, no matter what level you play at. Enjoyment of the beautiful game is high on the agenda. To do that, it's absolutely crucial to use the most effective manufacturing processes available, to design, develop and attain optimal results, cobra has certainly done this with this superb new putter. During the development of the Cobra king supersport-35 putter, immediate benefits were reaped, including total design freedom, rapid design iteration and high-quality parts that meet economic demands. 3D printing is accelerating design innovation, and this breakthrough new putter will help guide and be the torch-bearer for the sporting equipment industry as a whole. This first of its kind putter is a shining example of the design and production capabilities of HP metal jet 3D printing technology. The combined efforts of Cobra, HP and Parmatech has led to a groundbreaking design win for golfers all around the world.

Now let's talk about this beautiful putter, which comes in an oversized blade shape that is confidence inspiring and jaw dropping in equal measure. The top feature is SIK golf's patented descending loft technology, re-engineered into an aluminium face insert that strategically saves weight front the front end of the putter to be repositioned in the heel and toe, as so tunes the feel to a slightly softer feel than a traditional all-steel SIK putter face. SIK's signature face design cleverly uses 4 descending lofts, 4,3,2,1 degrees to ensure the most consistent Launch off the putter face for every style of individual putting stroke out there. The exciting partnership is born out of hard work from SIK golf and Cobra brand ambassador and US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau, “ The scientist” who knows a thing or two about the scientific side of consistent putting, went on to say, “HP's metal jet technology is an incredibly advanced production method and very exacting, which is pretty critical in golf equipment. I think golfer's of all levels will benefit from the combination of Cobra's high MOI design and SIK's descending loft technology”

HP metal jet 3D printing produces superior part quality as you would expect, and requires next to nil post-process finishing. The entire putter body is printed using a 316 stainless steel and then sintered at a very high temperature to bind the metal and form the final head part. Due to the capabilities of 3D metal jet printing, engineers were able to print an intricate lattice within the body, as you would expect this would be impossible using today's traditional casting or forging methods. The lattice structure fine tunes the distribution of weight within the putter head to create the optimum Moment of Inertia possible without the need for additional fixed weights. During the final steps of the manufacturing, the surfaces of the putters are precision milled by CNC machinery (Computer numeric controlled) to ensure exact detail and while adding the finishing touches to the cosmetics. The Supersport features a high MOI heel-toe weighted design for maximum stability, and a traditional plumber neck hosel with 35- degree toe hang suitable for the slight arc putting strokes.

The final product is a true celebration in golf club manufacturing, that has produced a high-performance putter that will appeal to purists and golf lovers seeking a clean look and feel but is jammed packed with advanced technology that will improve the quality of a golfer's short game massively.

The Cobra King Supersport-35 Putter is available in 34 inches and in right hand only. And comes standard with Lamkin Sinkfit smart grip for an outstanding feel. The grip comes standard with Cobra Connect, the award winning smart golf system that helps golfer's make smarter, data driven decisions. Electronically enabled sensors are embedded into the grip, automatically recording detailed putting data so golfers can track their improvements after every round played.

The Cobra King Supersport-35 Putter will only be offered in very limited quantities.

  • 34 Inch Blade style putter.
  • Limited edition.
  • Cobra Connect compatible.
  • Plumber neck.
  • Sinkfit smart grip.
  • Black leather headcover.
  • Right hand only.