Evnroll ER11VX Long Plumber Putters

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The new 2022 Er11VX Differs slightly from its predecessor the ER11V. This VX model enters a whole new era in terms of MOI (moment of inertia) If you are a golfer seeking maximum forgiveness, this VX model will give you extreme MOI with larger weights and heavier weights.

The ER11VX mallet putter provides the ultimate in versatility, forgiveness and performance with a clean, compact look that is irresistible. With updated wing shapes to provide easier alignment, increased stability and extreme forgiveness with every putt.

The long plumber neck hosel is an ever-popular design that further reduces toe hang and allows for a more straight-back-straight-through swing path. This classic plumber hosel features a classic over-fit type hosel with a vertical full-shaft offset presentation. This gives 6-degrees of toe hang.

The front portion of the body is black anodised 6061 aluminium and features a unique ball-sized gripping cavity directly behind the hitting area that positions the mass outward and rearward for greater MOI (Moment of Inertia) The interchangeable 303 stainless steel weights are positioned to the extreme rearward outer edges produce incredibly high MOI. This stunning mallet putter gives ultra-high MOI for no pull, push putting.

All Evnroll putters allow the ball to travel the full distance even on miss-hits, with grooves that help to keep the ball in a straight line, instead of curving away from the intended target. Guerin Rife was the first putter engineer to use grooves on a putter face. These deeper and wider spaced grooves in the centre and shallower grooves closer to the heel and toe give golfers increased consistency and reliable ball speeds from anywhere on the face.

The Evnroll ER11VX putter represents the very best design and performance technology available today, technology that gives you incredible feel, reliable roll, exacting alignment, perfect balance and stunning looks, everything needed to sink more putts, more often. If you're having problems striking the sweet spot on a regular basis and struggle with distance control then look no further than the new Evnroll ER11VX mallet putter.

The total length of the mallet putter is measured from the centre of the leading edge to the end of the grip, this model as with all models in the Evnroll range is available in 33/34/35 inches. The proven technology in this Evnroll ER11VX Mallet putter speaks for itself. More and more golfers now prefer the greater forgiveness of the mallet shape putter. The awesome red & white engraved artwork is sublime and looks amazing on the face, sides and underside of this gorgeous mallet putter. This is sure to save you shots and gain the advantage in tight matches.

  • Outstanding stability and consistency.
  • Newly designed VX model.
  • Anodised 6061 aluminium.
  • 303 Stainless steel weights.
  • Tour-preferred swing weights at each length.
  • Unique ball-sized gripping cavity on the underside.
  • Desirable long plumber hosel.
  • 6-deg toe hang.
  • Interchangeable perimeter weights.
  • Grip: Evnroll black ToutTac grip (90-grams)
  • Black armour stepless shaft. (.370 tip)
  • 33/34/35 inch options.
  • Premium leather headcover included.
  • Right hand only.