Evnroll ER11V Short Slant Putters

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Evnroll are one of the most accomplished putter company's in the world today. These Guerin Rife designed putters employ all of his skill and know-how to produce some of the best putters money can buy. Evnroll have unveiled their flagship model for this season and what a stunning new design it is. The ER11V mallet putter features the ultimate in versatility, forgiveness and performance with a very clean and compact look. The all-new 2021 Evnroll V series range allows golfers to choose between their preferred hosel and head configuration. The 'V' stands for versatility.

The short slant hosel neck produces more toe hang promoting a more rotational swing-path that releases through the hitting area. This slant neck design has a pin that fits inside the shaft allowing it to flow seamlessly into the putter head, a preferred look by elite players and low handicappers.

The front portion of the body is a stunning black anodised 6061 aluminium and features a unique ball-sized gripping cavity directly behind the hitting area that positions the mass outward and rearward for greater MOI (Moment of Inertia) The interchangeable 303 stainless steel weights that are positioned to the extreme rearward outer edges produce incredibly high MOI. This stunning mallet putter combines ultra-high MOI with rearward adjustable weighting. This is by far the most customisable putter that Evnroll have produced.

The clubhead just feels very evenly balanced throughout the stroke, even mis-hits turn out to be great putts as if almost by magic! players will feel a real engagement between the ball and putter face at contact. The technology in this ER11V putter is predominately designed to aid very accurate distance control, and they do this exceptionally well, three-putting will become a thing of the past. All Evnroll putters allow the ball to travel the full distance even on a miss-hit, with grooves that help to keep the ball in a straight line, instead of curving away from the intended target, right or left. Today, Evnroll models are robot tested against rival companies putters to show how good they actually are. The Evnroll ER11V putter range represents the very best design and performance technology. “The Sweetest Face In Golf”. Technology that has it all, Feel, roll, alignment, balance and stunning looks, everything needed to sink more putts, more often. If you're having problems hitting the sweet spot and struggle with distance control and your scores are suffering as a result, then look no further than the Evnroll ER11V mallet putter.

The total length of the mallet putter is measured from the centre of the leading edge to the end of the grip, this model as with all models in the Evnroll range is available in 33/34/35 inches and with a choice of two grips, either the innovative red gravity grip or the new TourTac grip in white. The proven technology in this Evnroll ER11V Mallet putter speaks for itself. The majority of golfers now prefer the greater forgiveness of the mallet shape putter. The stunning red & white detailed Evnroll engraved artwork is showcased and on full display on the underside of this gorgeous mallet putter. This accomplished putter company are at the very top of their game right now.

  • Flagship mallet putter.
  • Anodised 6061 aluminium.
  • 303 Stainless steel weights.
  • Unique ball-sized gripping cavity.
  • Short slant hosel.
  • Grip: Red gravity grip or TourTac grip in white.
  • 33/34/35 inch options.
  • Evnroll branded headcover.
  • Right hand only.