Cobra KING Vintage Stingray-20 Putters

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Cobra have come a long way in the past few years. Since the release of the Cobra F9 Driver especially. They have gone from strength to strength and now offer a tremendous range of fantastic putters. The Stingray-20 is another to add to the successful line they have been crafting recently. The Stingray-20 features a plumbers neck hosel which is designed to suit those with a slight arc to their putting stroke.

The oversize mallet shape on the Stingray inspires confidence at address, The black head combined with the white sight line really helps you focus on the putt and line it up exactly where you want it to go. The face has been made in partnership with SIK golf, and uses their Descending Face Technology which offers top level feel, but is also designed to be more accurate. This is done by aiming to make the putt roll the same, wherever it is hit off the face. Making sure that mis-hit putts are a thing of the past.

The weighting in the putter can be adjusted, helping the golfer dial in their numbers better and sink more putts. The weight is a single 10g weight, but they also come in 15g 20g and 25g in weight packs which are sold separately. The carbon fiber sole is incredibly lightweight which saves 18 grams in the head, which then allows for better balanced perimeter weighting. This better balanced weighting will help to offer addidtional forgiveness on your putts.

  • Oversized Mallet
  • SIK DLT Face
  • Plumbers Neck Hosel
  • Black Head With White Sight Line
  • Superstroke Grip
  • Headcover Included

Cobra KING Vintage Stingray-20 Putter Specifications

Head Type:Oversized Mallet
Face Type:Insert
Weight Distribution:Face Balanced
Alignment:Single Sight Line
Headcover Included:Yes
Warranty:2 Years