Bettinardi Studio Stock Series Golf Putters

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The stock of Bettinardi putters has recently risen to an all-time high due to the success of Francesco Molinari, our Open champion who used this brand so successfully at Carnoustie in 2018. Their all-new 2021-2022 Studio Stock series are sure to be a big hit. This range features SS7, SS17, SS18, SS28 Spud, SS28 Armlock, and SS28 Centre shaft putters. The whole range benefits from the all-new RC (Roll Control) asymmetrical groove design face milling which gives a solid strike with softer feel leading to a more consistent roll. The putter head is made from 303 stainless steel throughout the entire range with a diamond blast finish, weighs 358g and has 3 degrees of loft. (The SS28 Armlock version weighs 400g) The ALL NEW RC (Roll control) gets the ball into a roll faster for more consistent distance control and ultimately straighter putts. The asymmetrical grove design is scientifically designed to promote extra forward spin at impact. This provides exceptional feel and sound feedback and is exclusive to every model in the 2021-2022 Studio Stock Series.

The Studio Stock 7 is a beautifully crafted cut out mallet putter that is available in both right and left hand options. The putter head is made from a solid block of 303 stainless steel which is milled into the fine finished mallet shape. The diamond blast finish really does give the putter a gorgeous look. The hosel of this putter is positioned slightly back of centre towards the heel. Perimeter weighting is enhanced due to the newly raised shoulders and rounded bumpers with this giving a great appearance at address. Crisp red and black script detailing paint scheme adorns the sole of the putter.

There are three different looks in the Studio Stock 28 series. The Spud, Armlock and Centre shaft putters are all designed to have a head that is a crossover between a traditional blade and a mini mallet. The slot head and Armlock versions of the putter have a single bend shaft whilst the centre shaft does not have this bend in the shaft. All three have a square profile which gives greater perimeter weighting and higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) for a better, more consistent stroke. There is a finely milled slot in the flange of all four versions which frames the ball perfectly giving total forgiveness at impact.

The new Studio Stock 17 and 18 models give the appearance of a blade headed putter which is beautifully crafted and compact and benefits from being cavity backed. This gives a high MOI, which is very forgiving and easy to align.

The Studio stock range comes with a predominantly red headcover with black and white trim to protect the putter head and each putter in the range has a  Bettinardi SINK Fit grip which can either be standard or oversize. The Armlock shaft length can either be 40 to 42 inches, whilst the rest of the range is either 32 to 35 inches. This range is available in right-handed versions only apart from the face balanced SS7. There is a custom made putter in there for everyone. These will inspire confidence in any player. 

  • SS7/17/18/28 range.
  • SS28 available in Spud/Armlock/Centre shaft.
  • All-New face milling.
  • R.C - Asymmetrical face milling.
  • 20% deeper milling.
  • Diamond blast finish.
  • Matching Red/White/Black headcover.

Bettinardi Studio Stock Series Golf Putter Specifications

Head Type:Mallet
Face Type:Milled
Weight Distribution:Toe Hang
Alignment:Single Sight Line
Headcover Included:Yes
Warranty:2 Years