MKids Pro Junior Package Sets
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MKids Pro Junior Package Sets

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It can be very difficult to know what clubs and equipment you should buy when a child is wanting to start playing golf. MKids half sets are the perfect way to get an ambitious golfer off to the best start. All 3 MKids Pro Stand Bag Golf Set's come in different sizes and give as close to a custom fit as possible for kids. The available sizes are 57'/145cm 61'/155cm 65'/165cm. Each set of sizes also have individual clubs available for when the young golfer wants to increase their armoury and improve their game even more.

The set includes a slim profiled metal fairway wood so the aspiring golfer can learn how to get off the tee box with ease. The 2 irons are a 6 and an 8 iron so they can learn how to become fantastic iron players from the fairway and around the course. The wedge will be great for them to learn how to pitch and chip around the greens and play out of bunkers like a pro. The SLA Putter in the set is a mallet style that is the optimal in between putter, with a weighted head to get a smooth pendulum action but not too heavy to be uncomfortable.

MKPro Tour Style Grips are on each club. These specially designed grips are ideal for a beginner as they work to help create a stable base in their hands and also encourage a light grip. The grip sizes grow with the length of the clubs to provide a feel that replicates an adult club.

Each club comes with a Grafalloy ProLaunch Shaft. One of Grafalloy's most well known and trusted shafts. MKids designed the shafts alongside Grafalloy to create the best performing junior shaft they can. The 'Launch Monitor Tuned Technology' helps kids get exceptional distance by bolstering a high angle of launch and tremendous consistency.

SGX Spin Groove System Irons have heads that are 95% the size of full size clubs to replicate the feel and look of an adult iron whilst also achieving high levels of forgiveness making them easy to hit. These 3 features contribute towards making sure that the young golfer plays each shot with confidence and assurance.

  • 3 Different Height Specific Sets
  • Stand Bag Included
  • Specifically Designed for Kids