MKids Lite Junior Package Sets
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MKids Lite Junior Package Sets

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MKids understand how difficult it can be to choose the right set of clubs for the young golfer. With so much equipment on offer it is easy to not know what set is best. MKids half sets are the perfect start for the junior golfer looking for a way in to this fantastic sport.

MKids have 3 options in their half sets depending on the height of the player. Each set is colour coordinated too so the eye catching design is great for kids. The sizes that are available are 45'/115cm 49'/125cm and 53'135cm. Each half set comes with the perfect starting clubs and individual clubs are available too when the golfer becomes more confident and wants a wider selection.

The half sets come with everything any young person needs to start their game off the right way. Each set includes a slim, easy to hit fairway wood to get them off the tee box with confidence. The 49'/125cm and 53'/135cm set includes 2 irons and a wedge. The irons are a 6 and an 8 to make sure they can learn how to strike a ball properly and build up their game from the fairway. The pitching wedge included is fantastic for any future player to get started around the greens where he or she can learn to chip and pitch around the greens. The Smaller 45'/115cm set does not come with a wedge, but comes with a 7 and an 8 iron, instead of the 6 iron, to help the really young golfer learn the right way to hit the ball and get it up in the air. All 3 sets include a mallet style putter that will encourage a great putting stroke and pave the way for them to develop there game in the best possible way. Included with the set is a matching stand bag with exceptional detail and first rate build quality to accompany them on their round.

All clubs come with an MKLite Tour Style Grip that encourage kids to have a light comfortable grip that also creates stability when holding the golf club. The grips come in a range of sizes that suit the length of each club for when they grow.

The unique MKLite Launch Control Shaft is deigned to get the ball up in the air so that they can have the ball flight they will be looking for whilst also giving distance and consistency to every shot. The high launch is brilliant for younger kids to give them confidence in each shot when their swing is just developing.

Launch Control System Irons were devised to be almost as large as adult clubs but without the weight so they can be easy to swing. The large heads help kids with ball striking and allow the maximum ability to hit the ball every time with certainty. With these 3 unique designs combined it gives kids the best chance of starting their game off in the best way. 

  • Stand Bag Included
  • 45”/115cm 4 Club Set
  • 49/”125cm & 53”/135cm 5 Club Set
  • Developed Specifically for Kids