Cobra KING TEC Hybrids 2021 Model

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Looking to absolutely launch your hybrid with a maximum distance that can also have a loft adjustment for the perfect shot every time? Then you'd surely need to consider the new Cobra KING TEC Hybrid.

Titled the Ultimate Distance Hybrid, the technology that has been packed to help you go the distance is of the following: A forged PWRSHELL face cup that wraps around the sole to return more energy to your ball so that none of your powerful swings gets lost and implements straight to your ball to give you maximum speeds. A lightweight carbon crown, saving 10g to lower CG and deliver superior launch with a heavily lowered spin for enhanced carry distances. Lastly, but certainly not least, the added ability to adjust your weight and loft system to offer you more consistent performing shots off the tee and on long approach shots.

The Hybrid is fully adjustable so you can hit any shot you need making this Cobra’s most adaptive and versatile hybrid currently on offer from the brand that continues to show innovation across all of its hardware. Two 12g tungsten weights can be positioned in the toe, heel, and front settings so you can fade it, draw it, or hit straight rockets across the course. The loft is adjustable up to +/- 1.5 degrees so you can fix it to exactly how you want it, making the possibilities of this club almost endless.

This Hybrid will be available the following lofts: a 17° - 2H (adjustable from 15.5° to 18.5°), a 19° - 3H (adjustable from 17.5° to 20.5°), a 21°- 4H (adjustable from 19.5° to 22.5°) and finally a 24° - 5H (adjustable from 22.5° to 25.5°) in both Right Hand & Left Hand dexterities, however, please note that the Left Hand is strictly only for custom orders.

Full custom options from Cobra are available, with the standard options with Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes all in the form of a Mitsubishi MMT Shaft available. One consistent matter from all Cobra's clubs makes it to the club, as each KING TEC Hybrid will of course be equipped with a COBRA CONNECT Grip powered by Arccos Caddie. This means that users of Cobra clubs just like before are still able to access and download the Arccos Caddie app on their smart device and pair their clubs to track accurate shot data and improvement.

  • PWRSHELL Technology
  • Lightweight Carbon Crown
  • Adjustable Weighting & Lofts
  • High Launch With Low Spin
  • Moderate Workability
  • Right Hand & Left Hand Available (Please Note: Left Only Available As Custom Only)
  • 2H - 5H Available
  • Full Custom Options Available
  • Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, not every club is guaranteed to be supplied with the Arccos sensors fitted. Thank you for your understanding.