Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrids

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Code: 30850 / 1AA5

The new Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrids come with all the forgiveness and straight-shooting accuracy you could ever need. The easiest hitting hybrids Cleveland have ever produced, distance & straightness equals fun!. Put your swing on rails with the three sole glide rails making sure you hit that ball cleanly and keep the face square at impact. The XL head design gives a massive moment of inertia of 2.961 g-cm2, the most in a Cleveland hybrid ever.

Two rebound frames give alternate flexibility and rigidity to the club, directing more energy into the golf ball at impact. The design of the crown is stepped to drop the centre of gravity and give high launching shots. Lots of research has also gone into the sound that is achieved, simply music to the ears when one pings off the face. Cleveland have really surpassed themselves with this new Launcher XL hybrid. Highly recommended.

The action mass 8-gram weight in the top of the grip provides significantly better balance and more control over the shot. If accuracy is paramount to you, the accuracy build is available with a half-inch shorter shaft and without the counterbalancing 8-gram weight for maximum control over every shot.

  • Three sole rails for fantastic turf interaction.
  • Stepped crown for high launch.
  • Extremely high moment of inertia.
  • New rebound frame with 2 flex zones.
  • Massive sweet spot.
  • Low and deep weighting.
  • Innovative 8gram weight in the grip.
  • Action mass counterbalancing.
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.
  • Matt/satin black finish.
  • Project X Cypher 55 shaft.
  • Premium quality headcover.
  • 3 H 18º/ 4 H 21º/5 H 24º/6 H 27º.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid Specifications

Head Material:Stainless Steel
Head Type:Traditional Fixed
Crown Construction:Stainless Steel
Face:Stainless Steel
Headcover Included:Yes
Wrench Included:No
Warranty:1 Year
Product Code:11204