Titleist TS3 Fairway Woods
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Titleist TS3 Fairway Woods

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£263.99 263 loyalty points worth £5.26

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The time has arrived for Titleist to launch their new and much anticipated TS3 fairway woods available with custom fit options. The club head of the TS3 has been completely redesigned but is still the traditional pear shape. The thickness of the club-face is less than the previous 917 series causing the ball the spring from the club head making the ball travel further. The club-face is also of variable thickness which is more forgiving for those off centre strikes.

There are differences between the TS2 fairway and the TS3, the TS3 fairway wood is an extremely forgiving club that gives the golfer piece of mind that if it is not quite out the centre of the club it will still achieve an acceptable distance. The swing weight and centre of gravity (CG) are adjustable, this is done through Titleist's SureFit technology. The CG can be moved using the special removable weights in the club head, weights range from -4g to +6g in 2g increments, heavier weighting towards the toe of the TS3 promotes a fade whilst heavier weighting at the heel end of the club will favour a draw.

The TS3 fairway woods have a high launch and low spin giving that much sought after flat flight. Staff tour professionals recognised very quickly that the TS3 offered something extra for them and some have already placed TS3 fairway woods in their golf bags. Could these clubs could also offer something extra for your game?

Our Titleist approved professional at Golfsupport will custom fit the TS range to your exact specifications. Make an appointment today in the knowledge that the TS3 fairway woods can take your game to the next level.

  • 20% reduction in drag
  • Thinner, faster clubface
  • Variable thickness face
  • Traditional shaped head
  • Titleist SureFit weighting
  • Loft available  13.5 Degree (Right Hand Only)