Callaway X Hot Fairway Woods
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Callaway X Hot Fairway Woods

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Since 1982, Callaway have constantly been constantly been at their prime by creating some of the best clubs that the golf scene has ever witnessed. Bolstering every new club more with advanded featues than their latters, they are always on the scene when it comes to the pros on tour to being witnessed by your fellow golfers on your local course, being smacked across each hole left right and centre. Now, the latest club since Callaway's Mavrik range comes the X Hot range, in this instance the fairway wood.

The X Hot Fairway Wood has been designed with one sole purpose, the ability to allow a forgiving strike every time, making every single hit become easier an easier. The technology that features in the face allows every strike to gain a longer distance with its ability to to climb into the air at a balanced and swift motion every time, to sustain a soft and sophisticated landing. It is also a great club to use off the tee, especially if you are to select a 5W which could be a great option for those long distance Par 3's that can sometimes catch us off guard.

Weighing up all the abilities and its option's which are that you can choose either 3W or a 5W in three different stock option's for the 3W and two stock options for the 5W, it really is a fantastic fairway wood that would be a great club to any level of golfer.

  • Superb Airtime and Motion
  • Forgiving Upon Strike
  • 3 Shaft Options
  • 3W & 5W Loft Option Available