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Wilson Staff Triton DVD Drivers

Wilson Staff Triton DVD Drivers
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Wilson Staff Triton DVD Drivers: The new Triton DVD Driver, a revolutionary new club that that will make hitting the sweet spot instinctive and fuel consistency. Two changeable sole plates with adjustable weights allow the user to customise the Triton DVD to their own individual specifications for a bespoke product, resulting in a personalized outcome for each golfer. The crown of the club features an alignment segment that accentuates the sweet spot and creates the perfect ball striking spot. Two interchangeable sole plates come with the Triton DVD Drivers a Carbon Fiber one and a Titanium one, when interchanged they affect the launch angle and spin rate of the club. The 22 gram Titanium plate will suit most players who need mid to high launch angles and lower spin rates and the Carbon sole plate as been devised for the player who needs lower launch and higher spin. 

Four moveable weights can be relocated to twelve different combinations to fine tune the ball flight to suit individual use (two 2 gram & two 6 gram). By varying the weights in the sole ports ball flight can be truly adjusted and corrected to personal use. The fully adjustable hosel is quick and easy to use, there is no need to detach the head it just loosens with the ratchet provided and simply adjusts to the loft and position required then re tighten. The Triton DVD is probably the first fully bespoke driver on the market that allows you to customise your club to your swing.

Wilson Triton Driver Alignment aid

  • Two interchangeable Sole Plates.
  • Four Moveable Weights.
  • Easy Adjust Hosel.
  • Ball Alignment Segment.

Wilson Triton Sole Plate

Wilson Triton Weights

Wilson Triton Adjustable Hosel