Wilson Staff Cortex Drivers
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Wilson Staff Cortex Drivers

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The new Wilson Staff Cortex is the product of months of intense design and development work. Hundreds of designs were submitted and put to the test in the renowned Wilson Driver vs. Driver show, with the best prevailing! With engineers and designers side-by-side, Wilson have created a fantastic golf driver with a whole host of features that can be tailored to every individual. A must-buy for knocking shots off your score. 

Wilson has replaced around 44 per cent of the driver head with a lighter carbon fibre. This ‘fast cage’ has a titanium skeleton that is rigid and highly stable. This weight distribution allows for maximum spin, distance and adjustability.

Furthermore, the amount of spin can be controlled using the slide track on the base of the driver head which provides a range of spin options to suit any individual's swing. Simply slide weight towards the rear of the driver for a high launch, or closer to the clubface for a lower launch. Draw flight can be achieved by swapping the 2g near the heel with the 8g near the toe.

Right-handed golfers have loft options of 9, 10.5 or 12 degrees (further loft exist due to the fast fit hosel). Shafts are available in A flex (senior), regular, stiff and extra stiff.

Left-handed individuals have the 10.5 degree loft option (also with the fast fit hosel). Flex options come in A flex, regular or stiff.

The fast fit hosel mentioned above makes altering the loft of the driver possible (loft settings come in 6 settings in half degree increments).

Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Specifications:

-Options for both right and left-handed golfers
-Features lighter carbon fibre in the driver head
-Fast Cage design
-Fast fit hosel system
-Slide track spin adjuster
-Choice of 3 Fujikura ATMOS tour shaft profiles which, depending on the requirements of the golfer, can be used for low, medium or high launch.