Titleist TS4 Driver - With Full Custom Options
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Titleist TS4 Driver - With Full Custom Options

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A new dawn was heralded in September 2018 with the launch of Titleist's exciting TS range with their TS2 & TS3 collection. Titleist have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring you the latest additions to the range, the TS1 & TS4 drivers.

The TS4, as with all drivers in the range, has been built with the pursuit of increased clubhead speed in mind. This has been achieved by the development of Titleist's new speed chassis. The ultra-thin titanium crown on the TS4 has allowed the centre of gravity to be moved lower and forward to reduce spin from the face promoting a straighter ball flight. Faster ball speed together with more forgiveness and the introduction of the variable thickness clubface gives you greater distance from the tee. The 430cc clubhead is slightly smaller than the other drivers in the range.

Titleist's Surefit hosel is fitted on the TS4 driver. This brilliant addition allows you to fit the club to your particular needs. It does this by allowing you to either increase or decrease the loft and/or lie of the club in 0.75-degree increments. The loft can be increased up to 1.5 degrees and de-lofted by 0.75 degrees from standard. The same principle exists for the lie of the club with a maximum of 1.5 degrees more upright and 0.75 degrees flatter than standard. The TS4 driver is available in 8.5/9.5/10.5 loft options for right-handers and in 9.5 degrees loft for left-handed golfers.

There are a grand total of five different stock shafts available for this driver all of which have various flexes for each shaft. A Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip is fitted as standard.

It is extremely important to have any driver fitted to your particular specifications. When you have the choice of shafts, loft and lies it is even more vital that you do this. We, here at Golfsupport, are specially trained in club fitting and are an authorised Titleist retailer. Make use of the service to ensure the club fits you and not the other way around.

  • Reduced spin
  • Straighter ball flight
  • Traditional 430cc clubhead
  • Surefit hosel.
  • 8.5 Degree - Right Hand Only

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