TaylorMade M4 D-Type Drivers

TaylorMade M4 D-Type Drivers
  • £349.00
  • £349.00

Code: 21043/1E18

Taylormade’s latest addition to the M series range features Twistface technology. Twistface has allowed Taylormade to create their most forgiving golf club with a higher loft in the toe of the club and a lower loft in the heel they have been able to reduce the amount of side spin created with miss hit shots.

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The diagrams below show how Twistface technology helps reduce the side spin and produce a straighter and long ball flight than similar strikes would using a traditional driver face. 

TaylorMade Twist Face Technology High Toe

TaylorMade Twist Face Technology Low Heel

The new Hammerhead slot has allowed them to produce a huge sweet spot which has helped to increase ball speed and coupled with the repositioned weight which has been moved around the outer parts of the golf club they have been able to make the club even more stable than before.

TaylorMade Hammerhead Technology

The Geocoustic Technology that has played such a part in the improvement of the M2 models of previous models has been used again and with its recessed sole has given Taylormade the opportunity to increase the sweetspot even more.

The D-Type driver features a two-tone cosmetic crown that makes the face appear to be more open than previous draw based drivers which Taylormade have found helps result in a more closed face at impact than before.

Taylormade M4 Key Performance Technologies