Mizuno ST190 Drivers
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Mizuno ST190 Drivers

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Mizuno introduce their new ST190 & ST190G drivers for the up and coming season. The only difference between the drivers is the head weighting system used, otherwise, they have the same characteristics. The aim of the ST190 range is to obtain a faster/higher ball speed and lower spin rates to give a greater driving distance.

The ST190 offers a low to mid spin option giving the club head the maximum amount of stability. The weight is fixed and is situated towards the back of the head giving a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) leading to the stability needed with strikes that are not quite out of the centre of the clubface.

Mizuno are always pushing the boundaries of technology with every little advance helping to increase ball speed, reduce spin and increase distance. This is the case with the forged SP700 TI face with variable thickness Cortech face, the Carbon composite Crown which allows the weight to be redistributed across the ST190 and the amplified wave sole. Mizuno have placed ribs inside the clubhead for increased stability to give a more solid sound at impact.

All of this leads to a more forgiving club that generates more ball speed to give greater distance off of the tee. Here at Golfsupport, we fit the club to you as Mizuno offers the choice of a whole host of different shafts and grips at no extra charge. There are shafts and grips specifically designed for ladies.

The ST190 comes with 2 loft options; 9.5 degree which can be adjusted between 7.5 & 11.5 degrees loft and the 10.5 degree HL loft adjustable between 8.5 & 12.5 degrees loft. The 9.5 degree driver is available in LH/RH whilst the 10.5 driver is only available in the right-handed option. This is a beautifully crafted club that sits really well behind the ball. It could benefit your game today.

Driver Specifications:

  • Fixed weight in the club head
  • More forgiving
  • Maximum distance
  • 2 loft options: 9.5 & 10.5 HL (+/- 2.0)
  • Custom fitting available

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