Honma T//World XP-1 Drivers
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Honma T//World XP-1 Drivers

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Honma's rise to the worldwide market continues with the T World Series. And new to the T World Series is the XP-1 Driver. As with the rest of the T World series, the heads are all designed and handshaped in Japan by Honma's masters of the trade to create a stunning and well thought out golf club. The head and shaft are made harmoniously to make sure that they both work together to make sure the club does precisely what Honma want it to do.

The Vizard shafts, which are also produced in Sakata, being hand rolled by the craftsmen that work so hard for Honma. This shaft is extremely lightweight, helping to further reduce the weight of the total club. Building the shaft in this way makes for faster swings to deliver higher ball speeds which in turn provides more distance with ease. The shaft has great response and a soft feel, helping to give you the confidence to hit longer, straighter drives.

Another way to strip the weight down in the club is to make the crown and head even lighter. This is achieved with the thinnest crown in the industry, made from ET40 Carbon. The crown helps to give this club a high launch, due to the CG being moved towards the bottom of the club. The high launch will help the ball get up into the air quicker and carry further with its high moment of inertia. A further benefit of this CG is that it helps forgiveness by keeping the ball flying straighter whilst it is in the air.

XP-1 has a Double Slot to increase speed when the ball does not come directly off the middle of the clubhead so you can get consistent distance no matter which part of the club it comes off. The driver has a draw bias weighting to counter the slice and fades that most golfers usually have to endure, helping you hit straighter drives more often. However if you are prone to hitting the ball left, the clubhead can be adjusted at the hosel. You can change the lie angle, face angle and the loft of the driver, giving you full customisation to create the shot shape that you want to make sure you can play your best golf. When adjusting the head, the non rotating hosel keeps the shaft facing the correct way at all times.

  • Effortless Speed
  • Double Slot Face Flex
  • Lightweight Shaft and Head
  • High MOI and Deep CG
  • Adjustable Head

NB - Honma pride themselves in hand crafting each product specifically to order. This may extend the lead times compared to other manufacturers. Please check your order update email for a "Forecast" date of your item. One thing to be assured of is that they are worth a little wait longer!Honma T//World XP-1 Drivers