Honma TR20 440 Drivers
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Honma TR20 440 Drivers

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Honma are known across the golfing community for being a brand committed to bringing both premium performance and feel mixed together with their beautiful craftsmanship and have been achieving this titile since 1959. These aspects are immediately noticeable in how their clubs look and perform. When looking at the new range of drivers titled the TR20, there is no exception as their sole design is to deliver beautifully crafted speed through a more efficient, high-COR titanium frame and carbon body. With this, it has been combined to deliver exceptional speed that you can feel, hear and see quite clearly when smacking one of these across the fairway.

The premium driver is quite simply their most superior and advanced in technology as of yet and with the addition of the Ti Carbon Fast Frame, this entitles the driver to gain more speed efficiency. It also includes and offers more distance with the addition of It`s cutting edge High-COR frame design and lightweight Carbon sole allow the kinetic energy between your driver's face and ball to be direct. The lightweight carbon body makes the vibrations to a minimum making every swing of the club feel fantastic.

The implementation of one of the thinnest crowns in the industry, made from ET40 Carbon, helps to give this club a high launch, due to the CG being moved towards the bottom of the club. A higher launch means that your ball will fly into the air quicker, have a consistent spin speed and gain extra carry. 

Boosting your ball speed is what this driver aims to implement and with the features of an internal groove and variable titanium face thickness mixed in with the carbon body allows a reduction in vibration giving you the feel of having more control and a much more greater feel which you will immediately see in your balls trajectory, sound of it coming off the face and the feel giving you the ultimate distance and performance at your hands.

The standard shaft option that Honma are offering is their infamous VIZARD shaft which are all handcrafted in Sakata, Japan which makes them the most premium and supreme shafts in the golfing world. With Honma's precision non-rotating hosel that allows you to adjust to different loft and lie positions for that perfect swing and approach every time off the tee. For a consistent shaft performance and some of the most advanced technology you will see in a golf club, then the Honma TR20 driver could be for you.

  • Takumi Shaped
  • Perfectly Angled
  • Weighted Distance
  • Fast Feel, Sound & Flight
  • Ball Speed Boosts
  • Efficient Speeds