Cobra King F9 Speedback Drivers - With full custom options

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Golf clubs nowadays are fitted to the individual. Cobra ensure that they give you the best opportunity to play your best. Their new King F9 Speedback driver has just hit the market and you will be impressed with what it can do for you.

The men's driver comes in the choice of 9-degree loft which gives Low launch/low spin, 10.5-degree loft giving Mid launch/mid spin or 12-degree loft for High launch/mid spin. Cobra's latest MyFly8 technology allows you to have the face angle, loft and bias adjusted so that the settings are specific to you. The 9-degree driver can have loft lies between 7.5 & 10.5. The 10.5-degree driver can be set between 9 & 12 degrees and the 12-degree version between 10.5 & 13.5. Some of those settings are also available in a draw bias and all are settings are in half degree increments.

The ladies driver is only available in 12 degrees of loft which again can be adjusted like the Men's between 11 & 14 degrees. There is sure to be a setting that will allow you to play your best golf.

Of course, it is fine to fit a driver to you but it must also have all of the latest technology so that it can enhance your game. The new F9 Speedback combines an aerodynamic clubhead shape with a lower centre of gravity in the head which allows extra clubhead speed allowing the ball to travel further. The clubface benefits from being a variable thickness which has been CNC milled. This allows more hot/sweet spots further from the middle of the clubhead which in turn maximises distance on miss-hits.

The shape of the clubhead has also been redesigned for drag reduction. The engineers at Cobra have created the first carbon fibre wrap crown which is reported to be 10 grams lighter than Titanium driver crowns. This allows Cobra to have an adjustable/interchangeable weight system which can be used to move the Centre of Gravity in the front or back of the head to give golfers a customised launch and spin reading.

Each driver comes with a new Lamkin Crossline Connect grip and there is a number of shaft options which will be specifically fitted to you. This new driver, along with fairway woods and hybrids are compatible with Cobra Connect powered by Arccos with electronically embedded sensors in the grip. This automatically records distance and accuracy of each single shot the golfer hits for game improvement purposes.

  • Varying Lofts
  • MyFly8 technology
  • Lower Centre of Gravity
  • Adjustable weight system
  • Lamkin Crossline Connect grip
  • Sole colour different to Crown colour
  • Choice of 3 stock shafts.