Sundog Passion TB Sunglasses

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Sundog provides sunglasses for the fashion-conscious golfer, if you've got a ''passion'' for looking great these sunglasses are for you. Benefiting from the companies' highly regarded True Blue (TB) lenses that give exceptional clarity to enhance colours and give refined definition. The polycarbonate lenses give a unique blue light filtration to block the harmful blue portion of the spectrum, whilst the resistant and shatter-proof lenses give 100% UVA-UVB protection in bright sunlight. These are distinctive sunglasses and will set you apart from the rest! See for yourself the incredible quality at a fantastic price, you can't buy better for the money.

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  • Unique styling.
  • Maximum visual clarity.
  • Reduces visual fatigue.
  • TB – True blue light filtration.
  • Polycarbonate shatter-proof lenses.
  • 100% UVA-UVB protection.
  • Comes in a soft fabric pouch.
  • Colours: black/crystal or brown/demi brown.   

Sundog Passion TB Sunglasses

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