Bolle 6th Sense Golf Sunglasses
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Bolle 6th Sense Golf Sunglasses

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Bolle 6th Sense Golf Sunglasses: When purchasing a pair of sunglasses the most important factor is the type of lens that is appropriate for your sport. All too often people choose sunglasses that look trendy and cool, but don’t factor in if are they fit for purpose, and offering you the best possible vision for your sport! When choosing Bolle Golf Sunglasses you can be rest assured that extensive research and development has gone into your glasses, and they are going to offer you the best possible visual option for Golf.

The 6th Sense range features lenses with clarity that is unsurpassed can be used in all conditions, in order for you to remain focused on your game and not the conditions. The lenses resist smudging/dirt/debris/perspiration and have been ergonomically shaped to expand the field of vision.

The 6th Sense range has been designed with a Commemorative 2018 Ryder Cup Limited Edition option,  as well as the normal 6th sense range. The 6th Sense range offers various colour options and provides performance enhancing vision and confidence. The 6th Sense range comes with a drawstring soft fabric sleeve and a hard shell protection case,  with a golf bag attachment clip.

  • Commemorative 2018 Ryder Cup Limited Edition.
  • Smudge/Dirt/Debris/Perspiration Resistant.
  • Hard Shell Protection Case.
  • Draw String Soft Fabric Sleeve.
  • Fit Size: Medium - Large

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