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The latest Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is longer, straighter and designed with a new FastLayer core. This provides a softer feel whilst generating maximum ball speed. The ball also incorporates the same dimple pattern used by the Srixon Tour Players. A 338 dimple pattern increases distance by reducing drag, useful even when the wind is blowing hard. Its durable and soft feel ionomer cover is extremely thin for added greenside spin. The Fastlayer Core starts soft in the middle and gradually gets firmer as it gets to the outer edge. 

This ball comes in white and yellow, and now BRITE Green, BRITE Orange and BRITE Red so you can play a different colour to your playing partners. These BRITE colours give MATTE visual performance, making them easier to spot in longer grass. For greater accuracy, the latest soft feel ball still incorporates a unique Easy Target” alignment aid to line up those crucial putts. This enables players to use the in-built line instead of using a marker pen. The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is ideal for golfers who regularly play in windy conditions, or those who wish to add distance and trajectory to moderate swing speeds. Soft, stable, and highly resilient, this golf ball has the potential to lift your game to the next level.

If you like a soft feeling golf ball, the Srixon Soft Feel will be the ball for your game. From the tee box or around the greens, this ball loves up to its name. 

  • New updated design. 
  • Designed for all swing speeds. 
  • 2 Piece Construction.
  • New FastLayer core. 
  • Supreme trajectory and distance.
  • High launch. 
  • 60 Compression. 
  • 338 Dimple pattern as used by the Pro's.
  • New easy target alignment.
  • Choice of 5 colours. 
  • MATTE visual performance in green/red/orange. 
  • 12 Ball pack.

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Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Specifications

Ball Type:2 Piece
Ball Colour:Multiple Colours Available