Prior Generation Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls

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If you are looking for a golf ball that delivers on distance and feel and gives a consistent strike then the new men's Duo Soft + golf ball from Wilson Staff is the golf ball you have been waiting for.

The secret of the huge distance it travels is down to the Velociticor core which is able to transfer the energy from the club's head to ensure that the ball flies and flies far. Its 2-piece design comes with a softer cover to give you great feel, especially for those shots into/around the green. This premium golf ball would be great in anyone's golf bag. Buy them here at Golfsupport.

  • Great feel.
  • Velociticor core.
  • Premium ball.
  • Increased distance.

Wilson Duo Soft + Golf Ball Specifications

Brand:Wilson Staff
Ball Type:2 Piece
Ball Colour:White
Product Code:WGWP50050