Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls

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The Bridgestone Tour B X is designed for swing speeds in excess of 105mph and gives precision in terms of ball flight and control. The best ball for faster swingers, long off the tee with control on approach shots. The new 2022 Tour B X features the REACTIV iQ, the smarter Tour ball that reacts to the force of impact. Both Bryson DeChambeau and Matt Kuchar play the X on Tour and have assisted in its development. The new REACTIV iQ gives maximum distance off the tee with drop and stop performance on approach shots.

REACTIV iQ stays on the face for longer on approach shots to give more spin than ever before. Tee shots rebound quickly off the face for explosive velocity and increased overall distance. Bridgestone has continued to use the reliable dual dimple technology with a seamless cover to give efficient trajectory and reduced drag through researched aerodynamics. Every year this ball continues to improve, the new REACTIV iQ is something special.

  • New 2022 ball.
  • REACTIV iQ, the smarter Tour ball.
  • Designed for swing speeds in excess of 105mph.
  • The best ball for faster swingers.
  • SCT- Seamless cover technology.
  • Dual dimple technology to give efficient trajectory.
  • Reduced drag through researched aerodynamics.
  • 12 Ball pack.
  • Colour: White. 

Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball Specifications

Ball Type:3 Piece
Ball Colour:White
Product Code:B22BTBX