Titleist ProV1 AIM Golf Balls

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The most popular and successful ball ever produced in the history of golf has just got even better. The 2021 Version of the Pro V1 Aim is designed to deliver even 'longer' distances, even more greenside spin and control with exceptional feel that Titleist is famous and renowned for. Featuring an all-new aerodynamic cover and casing layer with improved core technology, these dramatic performance improvements were never thought possible, but with rigorous and painstaking research from the Titleist research and development golf ball team, this all-new ball is designed to help all golfers of all abilities shoot lower scores every time they tee it up.

This new Aim Version of the ProV1 features an enhanced alignment side stamp for improved accuracy and aim. Perfect for setting that crucial putt up or making sure you're starting on the exact line from off the tee box. You can now do away with those unsightly marker pen lines. A great new feature. We the consumer asked and Titleist listened!

The Titleist's Pro V1 Aim golf ball is precisely designed and engineered to work in tandem to deliver total performance for all abilities and on every shot that is struck. The new 2021 Titleist Pro V1 Aim features longer distance, very low long game spin, penetrating flight and Drop and stop greenside control through a softer feeling ball.

The reformulated 2.0 ZG process core gives even more distance over previous models, while a faster casing layer adds speed and lowers long game spin. The all-new, softer cast Urethane Elastomer cover elevates greenside control and spin, while the new spherically-tiled 388 Tetrahedral dimple design more than delivers penetrating and more importantly 'consistent' flight.

This is the perfect ball for players who want to shoot to their optimum potential, The The new 2021 Titleist Pro V1 Aim provides total and unequivocal performance from tee to green. The new enhanced alignment side stamp makes setting the line of the putt up so much easier, a great new feature in this year's ball. For the golfer who prioritises performance over anything else, this is the ball for you.

Relative to the new 2021 Titleist Pro V1x, These Titleist Pro V1 Aim golf balls will provide a more penetrating lower flight and spin less in the long game but still show the same attributes of spin and greenside control with a super soft feel. The best got even better.

The videos below from Titleist is another level of detail!

Titleist is the number #1 Ball on Worldwide Tours.

New for 2021:

  • New Enhanced Alignment Side stamp.
  • Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System.
  • Faster Low Spin Casing Layer.
  • Available in White only.
  • Reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Core.
  • New Spherically-Tiled 388 Tetrahedral Dimple Design.

Titleist ProV1 AIM Golf Balls

Titleist ProV1 AIM Golf Balls Specifications 

Ball Type:3 Piece
Ball Colour:White
Product Code:T2027S-AIM