Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls - Prior Generation

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Just like the pro's on tour, your game also deserves the absolute best. Refuse compromise and play the best! The New Srixon Z-STAR XV is Srixon's best ball to date: Targeting and Designed for the Golfer who insists on peak performance and the possibility to achieve at the highest level. The Z-STAR XV generates optimum ball speeds and unparalleled greenside spin rates. The Srixon Z-STAR XV is a four-piece ball that provides skilled golfers with complete Tour performance, tee to green. With a new and improved Fast Layer Core ensuring a lesser compression and produces an enhanced softer feel, this transfers power and advances launch and distance. The new core starts soft in the centre and gradually becomes firmer around its edge, giving highly skilled golfers exceptional feel coupled with plenty of ball speed for optimum distance.

The new 338 dimple design advances the aerodynamics and profits ball flight, less drag and more lift boosts overall distance, even in tough head-on winds. The new generation skin is softer than ever before with a more elasticated feel; The softer thermoplastic urethane cover features Spin Skin with SeRM (Slide Ring Material) a durable coating with flexible molecular bonds, it digs deep into wedge and Iron grooves, in turn providing incredible spin for more control and stopping power. Improvements in greenside spin and control have been achieved on shorter approach shots. Considerable hours have gone into the new Srixon Z-STAR XV to try and improve shots from different types of lies especially the rough and major gains have been achieved.

The new Srixon Z-STAR XV ensures lower spin off the driver's face and a mid-high trajectory flight that produces longer carries and more roll out. The inner core has been reformulated to make it more resilient, significantly improving ball speed and distance without sacrificing feel.

The all new seventh generation Srixon Z-STAR XV; Tour performance in a ball that can be driven to the limits. Srixon has stopped at nothing to achieve ultimate performance. The ball chosen by countless professionals and amateurs alike.

In relation to the Z-Star: This Z-Star XV will feel very soft, but not quite as soft as the Z-Star, and provide slightly higher greenside spin compared to the Z-Star. Ball flight will be Mid to high compared to the mid flight of the Z-star. Both provide low driver spin. Choose the ball that suits your game best.

  • 12 Ball Pack.
  • 4-Piece construction.
  • 102 Compression.
  • New spin skin coating.
  • Best suited to 100+ MPH swing speeds. 
  • Faster Ball Speeds.
  • Advanced Green Side Spin.
  • New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern.
  • Mid-High ball flight.
  • Low driver spin.

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball Specifications

Ball Type:4 Piece
Ball Colour:White & Yellow