Callaway Chrome Soft X Low Spin Triple Track Golf Balls

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Callaway has now introduced Triple Track technology on the all-new Chrome soft 'X' Low Spin Ball. In 2018, Callaway introduced their new Chrome Soft 'X' golf balls which were a massive hit with all levels of golfers. Building on that success, they have now introduced the Triple Track technology to this new low spinning ball. The triple track technology features 3 lines on the golf ball which run parallel to each other. The centre line of the 3 lines appears slightly thicker than the outer 2 lines and is in red whilst the outer lines are blue. The lines are placed on the ball to make the alignment easier and therefore make it more accurate. Phil Mickelson amongst others have used this technology to win on the PGA Tour. The ball is available in either white or yellow to cater to individual preference.

This ball is predominantly aimed at golfers with fast swings and low handicaps, ideal for the better player who likes to unwind a bomber far into the distance. Callaway says this is the longest tour ball they now produce, so if you want to wring every last yard out of your clubs, this is the ball for you. Maximum distance is achieved from a fine-tuned lower spin profile, particularly at high head speeds. The low Spin Chrome soft 'X' is a tremendous combination of long-distance with bullet straight flight and the soft feel we have come to expect from the Chrome Soft ball. Tour-level short game control is of course still high on the agenda, and this new low spinning ball will still be adept around the greens. The all-new Chrome Soft 'X' Low Spin ball benefits from a soft inner mantle and firm outer mantle, this innovative design generates explosive ball speeds off the clubface.

The four-piece, single-core construction is designed to further increase ball speed through a SoftFast core with an advanced inner core diameter, dual mantle and refined and responsive urethane cover. This thin cover material is super durable and highly resilient. The optimised aero cover design reduces drag for longer, overall distance. This tour certified performance promotes exceptional greenside control from high spin, low launch and fantastic feel in the scoring irons and wedges. If you create high swing speeds then this is most certainly the ball for you. Tour performance with incredible feel and triple track technology.

  • Triple Track technology.
  • Designed for high swing speeds.
  • Low spin/Long distance.
  • Tour level Greenside control.
  • Straighter ball flight.
  • High-speed core design.
  • 4-Piece construction.
  • Available in White or Yellow.
  • 12-Ball pack. 

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Triple Track Golf Ball Specifications

Ball Type:4 Piece
Ball Colour:White & Yellow