TrueStrike Double Golf Mat

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This TrueStrike double golf mat is primarily aimed at golf professionals and driving ranges, but if you have the space to fit this superior golf mat the world is your oyster. This mat will lead you on the road to golfing success with its ultra-real playability and durability. Perfect for both left and right-handed golfers to get that realistic striking experience. Total beginners to experienced golfers will all benefit from this awesome TrueStrike double golf mat.

This mat is designed and manufactured to withstand well over 55,000 strikes with irons before showing signs of needing replacing. Fully replaceable sections are available when needed.

The quality, construction, durability and performance you are buying is exceptional. This double golf mat will make a massive difference in the quality of practice and results you get. This is not cheap to buy we know, but if you want to experience realism away from the golf course this is definitely the mat for you to consider.

Unlike traditional golf mats which are hard and unforgiving, TrueStrike's revolutionary technology drastically reduces the likelihood of golf-related injuries such as wrist and elbow injuries. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow are all symptoms that can come on through hitting hard practice mats. This surface will greatly reduce all these problems.

The unique ''fairway forgiveness'' effect makes StrueStrike mats play, feel, and react like a real fairway. Your confidence will soar will regular use, no shock, no strain, just gain!

Many golf mats give unrealistic results, allowing the club to bounce off the hard surface and give you the impression of a good strike when in fact it's a terrible strike. The giving, ruckable top surface of the TrueStike mat and gel-filled divot simulating substrate accurately recreates the playability of playing on real turf. A good strike is a good strike, and a bad strike is a bad strike, full stop. You will benefit greatly from this superior quality mat, allowing you to hit down and through the mat, letting the club pass freely ''down and through'' the ball.

Normal golf mats make it extremely difficult to hit driver, fairway woods and hybrids, this is because the flat sole of the clubs makes it too easy to bounce off the hard surface, usually resulting in an ugly topped or thinned shot. These problems are eliminated with the TrueStike mat, the ruckable top surface and inner gel-filled divot substrate give realistic results every time. No more false results!

All TrueStike mats come with a tee holder that is positioned underneath the mat, meaning real tees can be used and adjusted to the desired height. The rubber tee receiver and packs of 25 or 500 long or short orange tees can be purchased right here at Reduce your playing handicap with this stunning TrueStrike double golf mat right now. If you are totally fed up with unrealistic and ordinary golf mats, this will be a solid investment for any level of golfer looking to improve their game.


2- gel-filled section (middle)

4- range mat sections.

2-Ball trays.

All these parts are easily replaceable at any time.

  • Designed with all playing abilities in mind.
  • Realistic ruckable playing surface.
  • Gel-filled divot simulating substrate.
  • Recreates the feel of a natural fairway.
  • Fibre built to last well over 55,000 strikes.
  • Replaceable sections are available.
  • Perfect for right or left handed players.
  • Superior quality.
  • Colour: Green/black.
  • Weight: 76 kg.
  • 288cm Long x 130cm Wide x 6cm Deep.

TrueStrike Double Golf Mat Specifications

Product Code:TS301-MK7 Double