Garmin Truswing Analyser
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Garmin Truswing Analyser

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Garmin Truswing Analyser: Garmin present the Truswing Golf analyser, a whole new concept in golf training and swing analysis. The ideal portable accessory a take anywhere tool, pop it in your pocket or leave in your bag this small portable analyser will transform your game.

The Truswing can be paired with compatible mobile phones and other Garmin devices for swing analysis and data collation at your finger tips. This small inconspicuous device offers the ability to take information gathered and adjust and modify your swing with information usually only available to the Pros.

The Truswing simply fixes to your chosen club via a clip and small thumb screw just below your clubs grip and then sync it with your chosen device and away you go. The Truswing will then analyse your:

1. Swing Speed.

2. Tempo.

3. Face Angle & Position at Impact.

4. Club Path.

5. Shaft Lean & Dynamic Loft.

Now on your chosen device you can watch playback of your swing in 3D animation and even upload your individual swing to the online golfing community for analysis and review.

The Truswing must be the truly the most convenient training aid on the market to date it can interface with a whole host of Garmin products including the Approach S4, S5, S6 and S20 watches as well as on Approach G7 and G8 handhelds and of course connects to your compatible Mobile using the Garmin connect App.

The Truswing is everything you will ever need in golf analysis and technology, this lightweight portable device will open the door to otherwise unobtainable data and transform your game, ultimately enable enhanced ball flights, distance gains and an overall better swing. If you are looking to improve your technique/swing and transform your game look no further than the Garmin Truswing.