FatPlate Turf-Pad Training Aid

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The FatPlate Turf Pad is a vital Training aid for the experienced or improving golfer. The 'Ball then turf' strike is crucial for hitting a good ball consistently, especially through the winter season when balls that are hit heavy or fat will go absolutely nowhere. Professional golfers have the 'ball then turf' strike nailed on every single strike, but unfortunately many of us just don't have the time to hit hundreds of balls every day. The FatPlate Turf Pad allows the player to work on the strike and swing mechanics in all weather conditions and on all playing surfaces. Practice long and short irons, as well as all the wedges to dial in the perfect strike more consistently. The fully portable Turf Pad is ideal for use at the range, around the practice area or in the garden at home.

Balls can be positioned either by club selection or level of difficulty, allowing a multitude of shots to keep practice fresh and enjoyable. The artificial turf hitting surface is both durable and hard-wearing and provides strike feedback either with or without a ball. The FatPlate Turf Pad comes supplied with 25 free StrikeStrips, giving exact strike point and path feedback on every hit.

Made of a tough and durable polycarbonate which provides audible feedback when struck, your knowledge of how balls should be struck from the pad will be greatly improved, which in turn will inspire confidence when you're out on the course in the heat of battle. The handy-sized plate is designed to be used on the move, so will fit easily in the golf bag or even the pocket. The plate is supplied with a scorecard-sized 24-page assisted learning training guide and also training and playing record to track your progress in practice as well as out on the course. Be sure to visit the FatPlate YouTube channel to pick useful tips.

For those of you that struggle with hitting the ball heavy or fat, this Turf Pad training aid will be invaluable and is certain to improve your ball striking and inspire confidence with regular use. A brilliant gift idea for the experienced or improving golfer.

  • Improves ball striking greatly.
  • Fully portable design.
  • 3-Ball positions.
  • 24-Page training guide.
  • Handy size.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Polycarbonate construction.
  • 5-Year manufacturer warranty.   

FatPlate Turf-Pad Training Aid Specifications

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