FatPlate Sand Training Aid

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Improve your ball striking and get out of those tricky bunkers and close to the pin with more consistency with the ingenious FatPlate Sand pad. The tool that is perfect for all skill levels to use and improve with. Used by top professional PGA golf coaches to help players transfer weight correctly and pinpoint the exact point of contact with the sand. Stance, clubface and set-up guidance to help the golfer master a wide variety of bunker shots. The 1 to 4 ball position markers give the golfer visual verification so you can measure that just the right amount of sand is being taken on every shot. The ball can be positioned for shot selection or difficulty of shot required to keep mixing up the intensity of practice. The FatPlate can be used with or without a ball which is handy if you only have limited space available.

The FatPlate Sand board is made of tough polycarbonate which provides audible feedback when struck, your knowledge of how balls should be struck from the sand will be greatly improved, which in turn will inspire confidence massively. The handy sized plate is designed to be used on the move, so will fit easily in the golf bag or even the pocket. The plate is supplied with a scorecard sized 24-page assisted learning training guide and also training and playing record to track your progress in practice as well as out on the course.

An accompanying assisted learning series can be found on the FatPlate YouTube channel to help assist, guide and pick useful tips up from. For those of you that struggle in the sand, like most of us do! This tool is just incredible and is certain to improve your bunker play and inspire confidence with regular use. A brilliant gift idea for the improving golfer.

  • Improves bunker play massively.
  • Used by PGA coaches and players.
  • 4-Ball positions.
  • 24-Page training guide.
  • Handy size.
  • Polycarbonate construction.
  • 5-Year manufacturer warranty.   

FatPlate Sand Training Aid Specifications

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