Eyeline Golf Sweet Spot 360

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This simple method is Tour-proven and allows the golfer to see how to correctly align the face of the putter. Miss hits produce a muted sound and spongy feel, whereas centre hits produce a crisp sound and solid feel. The thud versus the click provides instant audible feedback. The sweet spot 360 will give the player the feedback of incorrect and correct so they can start to repeat the stroke that gives them the correct contact, helping them on their way to becoming a better and more accomplished putter.

Simply Peel off the adhesive backing off the sweet spot, then line it up so the open face matches the sweet spot of your putter. If you find that you are hitting the toe of your putter, you most likely have an outside-in stroke. If you hit the heel, you most likely have an inside-out stroke. If you hit the top of the sweet spot, your putter is descending. If you hit the bottom, your putter is ascending. Once you are aware of your particular error you can work to correct it using the ingenious sweet spot 360. Every time you make a correct stroke, you will be rewarded by hitting the centre of your putter, giving a great feel and sound. Designed with great features in order for you to bring your attention to hitting the sweet spot. Comes in a 3-pack. 

  • Tour-proven.
  • Visual help/audible help.
  • Instant feel, good/bad.
  • Self-adhesive pads (3-pack)
  • Colour: black.
  • Great gift idea. 

Eyeline Golf Sweet Spot 360 Specifications

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