Evnroll Roll Board
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Evnroll Roll Board

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The Evnroll Roll Board is a real game-changer in practice putting technology. Know your roll! And see your putters loft instantly. The putter is the most used club in the bag and unless you can putt like Seve Ballesteros in his heyday and on the day they are handing out the cheques, then this roll board needs to be lying on your living room floor to hone your strike and tempo perfectly.

Putter launch angle is the key to successfully dialling in your distance control, not enough loft on the club means you are hitting the ball into the turf, most significantly on hill uphill putts. Too much loft, on the other hand, produces a low chip that skids and skips before starting its roll. Both affect distance control massively.

The new Roll Board from Evnroll is a velvet coved board that measures 24 inches long x 4 inches wide that has a velvet direction nap, that when brushed in the direction of the starting position will immediately show the roll characteristics of the golf ball as it leaves the putter face. No expensive cameras or viewing monitors needed, no time-consuming gadgets of any kind are required. The Roll Board accurately displays how you have rolled the ball, the amount of launch and the precise moment speed and rotation of the golf ball match up to create a true roll. You can then dial in your launch angle at impact with the ball to achieve just the right amount of lift while minimizing skidding and skipping. Periodically checking you are producing the right stroke and getting the ball rolling consistently is vitally important to improve your distance control and accuracy while out on the greens.

The Roll Board is also an excellent putting trainer, its two side rails help to square the putter face to the target line. Tees can be placed anywhere along the path of your takeaway to help improve and produce a more consistent backstroke. Additional tees can be added and positioned anywhere you wish in front of the roll board to challenge your accuracy. Confidence is everything in golf, hone your skills on this superb Roll Board and then take those skills out onto the golf course. Then maybe you will start to believe and putt like the late, great Seve Ballesteros.

  • Seconds to set up.
  • Invaluable stroke knowledge.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Excellent putter trainer. 
  • A must for any serious golfer. 

Please note: As Evnroll products are made in the USA, lead times can be up to 4 weeks.

Watch the video below on how the Roll Board works.