Arccos 360 GPS 2.0 System
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Arccos 360 GPS 2.0 System

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Arccos 360 GPS 2.0 System: To improve your individual game first we must understand it! What better way than being able to track your every shot. Arccos have devised an unobtrusive GPS Tracking system that works with your mobile phone to give you your personal golf DNA and analysis for your every shot and putt. Arccos has been widely reported as the games leading performer when it comes to the Golf Technology platform and with this innovative new system you now have your golf game at your finger tips. 

With the new Arccos 360 sensor pack you will know your actual distances for every club in your bag and after approximately 10 rounds; Arccos users average 14.91’ closer to the hole on approach shots. Taking your game to a new level the Arccos 360 will not only boost your game and capabilities, you can reduce your handicap. Arccos users improve handicaps by an average of 3.52 strokes.

Arccos 360 GPS 2.0 System

The Arccos 360 will provide the user with Player Data that records every shot and round played, providing historical data and insights into past performances. The Smart distance function provides precise data for your actual club distances. With Shot Tracking you can map and review every shot taken during or after your round. Tour Analytics provides a detailed breakdown of all aspects of your game and the GPS 2.0 is a powerful range finder that provides accurate distances on up to 40,000 courses.

Arccos Shot Mapping system

Arccos 360 is a set of 14 lightweight sensors that simply fit into the end of your individual club grips and connects to iOS & Android apps for free and provides instant feedback for immediate use or analysis later. The low profile sensors are easily fitted and are virtually weightless (less than 4 grams). The batteries inside the sensors are permanent and require no charging, the batteries have a life expectancy of approximately 2 years but dependant on use can last much longer. Once the sensors have been fitted to your club grips and have been paired with your mobile phone, they will automatically record each shot taken and ignore any practice swings providing you with only accurate data. Individual phones can be set on low power or airplane mode and the Arccos 360 will still collate data for accurate analysis without the use of data roaming etc if used during international travel. 

Arccos Features

The Arccos 360 can be used in conjunction with your live round to provide real time analysis and on course decisions and help with shot choice and ultimately reduce your scores. A big bonus with the Arccos 360 is the fact that everything is hands free and the GPS 2.0 rangefinder can measure distances in yards/meters on up to 40,000 courses worldwide. Tour Analytics have been included that will break down your handicap and provide invaluable information into strengths and weaknesses and reveal target areas for improvement. In conclusion the Arccos 360 will provide the user with a tool that allows you to manage the course and your game like a Pro and ultimately improve your game and decision making.

Tracking System

Advanced GPs System


From the end of May 2017, anyone using the Arccos 360 system will be eligible to register and use the new Virtual Caddie. The criteria for the Virtual Caddie is that you must have played a minimum of 5 rounds, then through the APP, you can register for a year’s subscription with a free trial period. For any further information or help with the Virtual Caddie please visit

Having been lucky enough to be invited to the UK launch at Woburn Golf Club this week I can honestly say I walked off the golf course like a small child on Christmas Day! This system has made me want to play golf again. I am not a techie in any way shape or form and gladly you don’t need to be to use this system. It’s simple to set up, takes only a matter of minutes and then you are good to go. The device links to your smart phone which must be in your front pocket during play with the speaker facing upwards. From there it’s plain sailing. The system is so intelligent it can detect and separate a practice swing from an actual swing. When you have hit your shot it records the info and then will plot to your next shot. By hitting the next shot it is able to track the previous distance and so on. Clever? Beyond belief. It’s also intelligent and the more golf you play the more it tracks removing the wider parameters of your golf shots thus resulting in accurate distance advice. The data this system collates is immense and it really does help you analyse every part of the game. How many greens hit, where were they missed, actual distances, number of up and downs, fairways hit to name a few. The system is designed to help any golfer of any level see just what part of their game is letting them down which of course will result in more constructive practice. The data collated in the US so far has shown an average of over 3 shots reduction in handicap within a 12 month period. There is also a social aspect to this as you are able to track any golfing friends using the device and see their rounds and stats. There is much more to come in the spring with the introduction of a virtual caddie feature. The system absorbs your data and gets more and more intelligent the more it is used. By doing this you will be able to see what tactic on any hole in the world would result in your best possible results based on your data - Wow (I cannot wait for this feature due in May 2017)

I don’t write too much about products but boy this has got me so keen again about my game I just had to shout out about it - John Lines, Managing Director at