Pocket Ball Retriever

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Brand Fusion


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You’re guaranteed a threefold return on your investment; from ditches and dykes to ponds and streams, never lose a ball again with the Pocket Ball Retriever. Golf balls are an expensive commodity and can be easily lost! How many times have you seen your ball disappear never to be retrieved?, guess what, someone else finds them, retrieves them and all because they own a Pocket Ball Retriever. The Pocket Ball Retriever fits easily in your bag pocket and extends to a whopping 2 metres. The extendable shaft features an ergonomic hand grip and snap shut ball catcher that locks onto those hard-to-get-at balls and brings them home to their rightful owner. These lightweight tools are a must for all golfers looking to retrieve that lost balls. 

  • Extends up to 2 metres.
  • High-quality construction. 
  • Snap shut ball catcher. 
  • Ergonomic handle shape. 
  • Colour: black/silver. 

Pocket Ball Retriever Specifications

Brand:Brand Fusion
Product Code:RET5