Masters Pack of 2 Waterproof Ball Marker Pens

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A handy 2 pack of permanent and waterproof ball markers to clearly identify your own golf balls. The rules of golf do not compel you to mark your golf ball, but with good reason, it's strongly advised that you do. If only to stop other golfers on the course from playing your ball with your very own and unique identification markings. No excuses!   

Rule 6.3a merely states that the player 'should' put an identification mark on the ball to be played.

The Master's Pack Of 2 Waterproof Ball Marker Pens comes in one black and one red and can be used in conjunction with the Masters Align-M-Up ball alignment system. The markers come with handy metal hooks so you can attach them to a keyring or similar. The clip-in ends pull off/push on so you can quickly take off and put it back on. It is recommended to mark golf balls the day before play if possible to ensure the ink is fully dried.

  • Permanent marking.
  • Waterproof.
  • Handy pull-off end hooks.
  • Small and convenient.
  • 2 pack: One black/one red.

Masters Waterproof Ball Marker Pens Specifications

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