Golfers Club Bag Capes

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The Golfers Club


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Golfers Club Bag Capes: Protect your golf clubs from the elements with a Golfers Club Bag Cape; these all-weather bag capes are tough and durable. A practical addition to any golfer’s hard wear the Golfers Club Bag Capes are a must when it comes to facing the elements, many golf bags profess to be watertight but in reality, it’s very difficult to keep your clubs dry. The Heavy-duty make up of the Golfers Club Bag capes ensures that rain interference is kept to a bare minimum, the capes are ultra-versatile and will fit most size and type of bag and cart. These all-weather capes come with a Velcro closure system for ease of use, when under attack from the weather seek protection and feel safe knowing you’re under the wing of the Caped crusader.

  • Tough and Durable.
  • Fits most size and type of Bag.
  • All-Weather.
  • Water Tight.

The Golfers Club Bag Cape Specifications

Brand:The Golfers Club
Product Code:CPE1B