Champ Zarma My Hite FLY Tees

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Champ Zarma My Hite FLY Tees: The Champ Zarma My Hite FLY Tees with improved accuracy and distance, these highly durable tees will outlast your old wooden tees by up to 5XS. The FLY Tee is the preferred tee on most major golf tours and conforms to USGA and R&A laid down guidelines. The My Hite FLY Tees are available in a choice of either 2 3/4" length (Pack of 30) or 3 1/4" length (Pack of 25) sizes. 

FLY Tees aid consistency and height control and the innovative use of impact ribs ensure a stronger tee with better contact area. The 6 prong head ensures stability and allows easier use than a normal wooden tee, Champ has been a leading golf accessory supplier since the early 1930s with a wealth of knowledge and are now producing these new game-changing tee’s.

  • 2 3/4" (69mm) in Packs of 30 Tees.
  • 3"1/4 (83mm) in Packs of 25 Tees.
  • 6 Pronged Head.
  • Lasts 5XS Longer than Wood.
  • Used On Major Golf Tours.
  • Durable Plastic Design.